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The Flower Chef

Julie Houser

Julie Houser is a celebrated entrepreneur, chef, and founder of Flower Farma. With over 25 years of culinary experience, she has earned the nickname “The Flower Chef” for her farm-to-table ingredient-inspired menus created for celebrities, diplomats, and industry leaders.

In 1999, Julie founded Julie Summers Catering and quickly became known as one of Santa Barbara’s premier celebrity chefs. She was even recognized with the Pacific Coast Business Times’ Forty Under 40 award for her unique, plant-based menu creations using fresh ingredients sourced from a community farm.

After relocating to Seattle in 2004 and working as a pharmaceutical sales rep, Julie faced a battle with stage 3 breast cancer in 2011. Using her pharmacology knowledge, she turned to her kitchen and created a delicious cannabis oil that helped her manage her symptoms. This inspired the creation of Flower Farma, which uses cannabis as a superfood rich in vitamins and minerals. Julie has even developed her own line of cannabis products called OLA, which pays homage to her Irish roots.

In addition to her impressive culinary career, Julie is also a dedicated yogi, meditator, dancer, and painter. She lives in Seattle with her husband, Jim, a psychiatrist, their two sons and chocolate lab, Winnie. Julie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara.